RARA-AVIS: Re: George Pelecanos / The Pacific

From: buildsnburns (buildsnburns@yahoo.com)
Date: 30 Mar 2010


    Not to contradict others, but at lease episodes 2 & 3 were co-written by Peleconos according to the titles.

    As to "Pedestrian film making?" I did not get the sense of a lot of money being spent on the battle scenes ... No problem with the "Until They Sail" aspects of Episode 3. It's my believe that a straight historical would be rather dull. But like many here, I think I would rather not see whole episodes about "the home front" unless it says something new. The new thing I learned about Australia was that the marines slept in the soccer stadium.

    I think Peleconos is proud of his Greek Heritage, and rightly so. Something that bothers me though--and anyone here from OZ can enlighten us, and perhaps slap me around--is that until the post-war years Australia would not allow immigrants from Mediterranean countries in because they were considered of a somewhat inferior race.

    Some of the big thrust of the movie, "Australia" which I liked better than most people did was the intolerance of the Australians to minorities.

    I don't mean to open a can of bad beans, just asking questions, and making some observations.

    Jack Bludis

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