Date: 27 Mar 2010

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     I love this show. love the southern rural setting. colorful characters and dialogue. typical would be the exchange between Givens and another deputy about whether this lowlife they just encountered is really the cousin of the woman they just questioned. something to the effect of "whether he is or he isn't, he's still banging her"

    very much a modern day western in terms of the hero and his code. never expected to see something like this on tv again. great job by Graham Yost adapting Elmore Leonard

    John Lau


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    I'm mildly surprised that, two episodes in, no one's commented on JUSTIFIED, the new series on the FX cable network based on Elmore Leonard's series character
    (if two novels and a short story can be said to constitute a series), Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens.

    As I recall, there was almost instant commentary when MAXIMUM BOB and KAREN SISCO debuted.

    Anyway, I like the show so far, though Timothy Olyphant (who played real-life frontier lawman Seth Bullock on DEADWOOD), for all that he's past 40, looks a bit too boyishly young for Givens, who I always imagined as a bit more grizzled looking.




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