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Date: 20 Mar 2010

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    Chase was very prolific, and also very uneven. When he was bad, he was bad beyond belief. Sometimes, however, he got it it somewhat right.

    The best I have come across so far is probably “In a Vain Shadow” and
    “Strictly for Cash”.

    Others worth checking out are:


    The Fast Buck

    The Double Shuffle

    The Wary Transgressor

    I’ll Bury My Dead

    Just Another Sucker

    Safer Dead

    You Find Him – I’ll Fix Him

    There’s Always A Price Tag


    Note: “Just Another Sucker” was filmed in 1998 as “Palmetto”, starring Woody Harrelson. It was directed by none other than Volker Schlöndorff, once the director of “The Tin Drum”. I guess this makes Schlöndorff the only film director to adapt both James Hadley Chase and any Nobel prize laureate ever. Which is pretty cool, even if “Palmetto” is only so-so.



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    I found a stash of Chase novels at a local bookstore. 70s paperbacks, mostly reprints of 50s titles, a few bucks each. I didn't pick any up, figured I'd enquire here first to see if they're worth investigating. would anyone here recommend this guy? if so, which titles are his best?

    this place also had three Thomas B. Dewey novels and I bought them all, two Mac books and a standalone. I've enjoyed the couple of Dewey books I've read.

    just started James Reasoner's "Dust Devils" and so far I love it.

    Tom Armstrong

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