RE: RARA-AVIS: E-Publication and "Never Going Out of Print"

From: Patrick King (
Date: 19 Mar 2010

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    I don't believe he said "any format"...rather, he said "...restrict yourselfto Kindle" -- the keyword being restrict. Any restriction of distribution is going to restrict the type and number of readers one has. If one's trying to make a dollar or two, that type of restriction is going to be problematic for that goal since the number of Kindle readers (e-readers,period) is still a small segment of the reading/book- buying public.

    I assume that's what he meant.

    Ron C.


    Small segment of the reading public they may be, but there's well over a million of them. If I can get a mere hundred thousand readers, it'll be beyond my wildest dreams. On the other hand, it will require a $4,000 investment on my part to have 1,000 copies of the book published in paper. Smaller runs are a lot more expensive, and I have no guarantee I'll sell them out. I also have no desire to go mailing books all over the world. Electronic distribution of Kindle copies works just fine for me.

    Patrick King






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