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    Greg, it wasn't me that asked about Chase but thanks all the same. One of the best things about this group is hooking up with knowledgable, opinionated enthusiasts who can recommend authors and books I haven't delved into.  Cool that you kept track of your favorites and even remember a couple reasons why you liked them. Of course I don't have any of those titles, even though I have several by Chase.  Man. Anybody read You're Lonely When You're Dead? Hard to beat that title.



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      The conversation seems to have veered off Chase and on to Dewey, but if you're still interested, the following books all have clever plots and breakneck paces and are great fun to read:
      There's Always a Price Tag Tell it to the Birds (reminiscent of Postman Always Rings Twice) You Must be Kidding Mallory (post WWII thriller a la Third Man) Come Easy (lots of twists & turns in this one) Shock Treatment (another Postman/Body Heat story) Strictly for Cash (great ending) In a Vain Shadow (unlikeable narrator in a compelling story) The Wary Transgressor But a Short Time to Live Better Than Money
      I went on a James Hadley Chase binge about a year ago and kept records this time of my favorites. Good luck.

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    "tomarmstrongmusic" was like:

    > I found a stash of Chase novels
    > at a local bookstore. 70s paperbacks,
    > mostly reprints of 50s titles, a few
    > bucks each. I didn't pick any up,
    > figured I'd enquire here first to
    > see if they're worth investigating.
    > would anyone here recommend
    > this guy? if so, which titles are
    > his best?

    _No Orchids For Miss Blandish_

    (There's a sequel of sorts, but the title eludes me).


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