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From: Stewart Wilson (
Date: 05 Mar 2010

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    I saw The Big Gold Dream two nights ago when I was killing time at a bookstore. I got all excited for a minute -- before I read the first paragraph and instantly recalled reading the book last year (I am terrible with titles). Then I was sad. I would so like to experience reading any of those Himes Digger/Coffin books again for the first time. I envy any of you who hasn't read them and takes Mario's advice.
     And for those following the Sadism thread, Digger & Coffin aren't above a bit of torture either, and they certainly get as good as they give (I'm thinking specifically of acid). Which reminds me, doesn't Sallis's (Sallis wrote a Himes biography, and his Lew Griffin character is a Himes scholar) Long-Legged Fly begin with a torture frame?

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        I have been on a rereading binge for about a year, and last week I took up Himes, his All Shot Up and The Big Gold Dream... fantastic, better even than I remembered. If anybody here has not read Himes, head for a bookstore or a library and do it! These hardboiled novels have it all: humor, surrealism, street savvy, great dialogue, great plots, and they are hardboiled as hell.


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