Re: RARA-AVIS: Parker's Procedurals, Westerns, and Their Film Adaptations

From: Patrick King (
Date: 03 Mar 2010

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    And where some here wear that sort of appelation as a badge of honor, to me it's as much a label as "C student" is an epithet. Both of them strike me as nothing more than a waste of time.


    I don't want to start anything, either, but what are you saying here? Can no one express an opinion that isn't "Oh, he's dead and it was an honor to have this genius with us for a little while," without being a snob? Is being an A student a waste of time, too? Psychologists say that A students are trying too hard to please authority figures and that F students usually have the highest IQ scores in the class, see the game, and are unwilling to play it. I'm sure there are exceptions also in every class. My point is, popularity is not an accurate way to judge art of any type and apparently a lousy way to choose leaders, as well. Popularity is a good way to make money, however, and to that extent Robert B. Parker was more successful than those vastly superior to him as writers.

    Patrick King


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