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Date: 16 Feb 2010

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    Hardcore in the most positive sense.


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       by 'brutal', do you mean terrible or hardcore in a positive sense?

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    One word describes the TV version:



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       I am eager to find and watch it (don't get much BBC over the air in Toronto). I've read the books, and those wiped me out. Peace's Tokyo Year Zero was stylistically similar to those previous books, but ended up being a jump off point for me to explore a bunch of movies and books centered around the end of WWII in Japan, and the more I've seen and read, the more realistic TYZ has become to me, and the more impressed I have become with Peace. I am glad to know his work has been adapted for TV if only so that he can get paid for it.

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    > I haven't read the Peace books. I'll get them today.
    > I did just see the BBC trilogy and I am wiped out. So, so good. Lucky thing for this year's Oscar nominees that they aren't eligible.
    > James

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