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Date: 08 Feb 2010

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    i read the final (pretty sure it's the end of the series) joe pitt and actually didn't like it as much as i thought i would. still liked it but it was too much wrapping everything up from the previous ones, sort of forced, didn't connect with me as much as previous ones.

    i also like everything i've read by huston, especially 'mystic arts' and the hank thompson trilogy. the first chapter of sleepless was (is?) available for reading free, and i'm worried i won't be into it as much, the sci-fi angle. but i'll certainly give it a shot.

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    Mark asked:
    > I see Charlie Huston's LA novel, Sleepless, is out.  Anyone read it?  > How's it stack up.

    I'm about 75 pages in. After 50 pages I was thoroughly confused. I took the time to read some Huston interviews about the book online, and that provided a bit more clarity from there on. It is very likely that I'm too dense to pick up on what should have been obvious.

    I have enjoyed everything I've read from Huston--particularly The Mystic Art of Erasing All Signs of Death last year. We'll see how this one turns out.



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