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Date: 07 Feb 2010

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    The thing I love about the blog is how he says The Departed offers a more accurate version of the Bulger story. The Departed is a pretty straight adaptation of a Hong Kong movie, Infernal Affairs (with part of Infernal Affairs 2), not a "based on a true story" version of a Boston gangster.


    THE DEPARTED has nothing whatsoever to do with the history of James "Whitey" Bulger. As far as I know, that story has never been exploited by fiction. If anyone else knows of an example of fiction employing that history, I'm very interested.

    The most intimate explanation of what apparently happened is told in Kevin Weeks' book BRUTAL. Weeks, though a party to murder, does not appear to white wash his involvement. I think, for the most part, he's telling what he believes to be the truth. THE BULGER BROTHERS is a waste of time diatribe by someone more interested in insulting people than finding out what happened. BLACK MASS is pieced together from multiple sources, drawing conclusions that may or may not be accurate.

    It's a fascinating set of circumstances in which the FBI hired a trio of mass murderers to inform on Rhode Island's Italian Mafia. In order to maintain their informants, FBI agents undermined local law enforcement in its attempts to prevent and solve crimes committed by the Bulger group, including multiple murders. There is every indication that FBI SAC, John Connelly, was at least an accomplice before and after the fact of three murders. In an honest country, the FBI would have been completely closed down after this fiasco and a new agency started from the ground up. In the US, of course, where if you fail in business the government turns over to you tax dollars to waste, the FBI probably uses these same tactic today.

    Patrick King


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