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Date: 04 Feb 2010

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    Ah well. It's still a goddamn good story.

     it's got a great goddamn title, that's for sure

    John Lau


     Vaya con CarnĂ©



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    An apology to all.

    Yesterday morning I wrote everyone at rara-avis:

    "My short story "CREEPIER THAN A WHOREHOUSE KISS" has been nominated as a finalist in the Best Short Story category for the 2010 Thriller Awards. (For the International Thriller Writers, who I like a lot!)"

    This was in error. I was informed yesterday afternoon by the ITW that:

    "Please note that CREEPIER has made it to the secondary cut so far and is not a "finalist." The contest finalists will not be determined for a while yet and will not be made public until late Spring."

    When the original news was passed on to me by Anthony Neil Smith, he just had received an email (dated Sun, Jan 24, 2010 at 12:23 PM) from the ITW that read:

    "CREEPIER THAN A WHOREHOUSE KISS by Fred Zackel has been nominated as a finalist in the Best Short Story category for the 2010 Thriller Awards. Please forward a copy of your submission with a note attached that it is a final round entry in the Thriller Awards as soon as possible to the following judges ..."

    That same afternoon (Sun, January 24, 2010 1:40:06 PM) I then asked the awards coordinator "Can I now begin publicly to describe me & my story as a finalist in the short story competition?"

    and I was told in a follow-up email (Sunday, January 24, 2010 1:45 PM) that:

    "And, yes, me may tell the world that you are a finalist. Congratulations."

    I wanted about ten days before promoting myself & the story on rara-avis, just in case the gremilins were lurking. Yeah, well, silly me.

    As I mentioned above, yesterday's blatant self-promotion was in error. And what I said was no attempt to deceive anyone. As the ploiticians say when they don't apologize. "Mistakes were were made."

    Yes, misjakes were made.

    As I was just now informed by the ICW, "Looks like we're shelling our own troops."

    Fortunately, I managed to remove the short story from Kindle before anyone bought it for all the wrong reasons, and it will not be on sale for a couple days. I want no one purchasing it thinking it was a finalist.

    It is not a finalist. And I wish to apologize to everyone on rara-avis for saying that it was.

    Ah well. It's still a goddamn good story.

    Fred Zackel


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