RARA-AVIS: Robert P Parker Again

From: Raymond Tait (raymond.tait@ntlworld.com)
Date: 04 Feb 2010

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    After all the discussion of Robert B Parker I went back to my reading log - I simply keep a monthly record of all the books I read. In the summer of 1983 I read Looking For Rachel Wallace which I remember liking a lot. I just found it lying in the house - ugly keyhole crime UK paperback I think. A couple of months later I read The Judas Goat which I also liked. Nothing the next year - 1984 was a bad year in many respects and my reading hit an all time low. Then in April 1985 I read Valediction which I don't recall. Just over a year later in May 1986 I read A Savage Place - again I have no recollection but this was followed by The Godwolf Manuscript (which I remember liking) in August. The following year I read A Catskill Eagle which I remember disliking intensely and that was the end of it. I must have really hated that book because I am fairly sure I thought highly of the preceding one. But was it actually a successful book careerwise? Did someone say that?

    Last week I read Stranger in Paradise and I enjoyed it quite a lot. It becomes a bit predictable once the basic characters and situation are mapped out but a good fast read with a lot of dry humour and no fat on the bones. I might read another now after over 20 years of avoidance. It's a funny old life.


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