Re: RARA-AVIS: Salon article on Kindle and iPad

From: Patrick King (
Date: 02 Feb 2010

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    In light of the recent back-and-forth on the changing face of publishing, I thought some of my fellow Rare Birds out there might find this article in Salon of interest. It chronicles Amazon's attempts to become the Wal-Mart
    (distribution model wise, at any rate) of the e-book market, and how iPad is already changing that. And for authors, this is a very good thing.


    Well, we'll see. There are a number of factors beyond the actual price of an iPad that will come into play. Is there another monthly fee for internet access with an iPad? How much do books cost to download to iPad? Are there any free books on iPad. Does iPad interact with any other ebook formats besides Apple's?

    As a long time fan of iPod, I know how expensive it is to deal with Apple. I always download music from Amazon because it saves me between $2 & $5 under iTunes' prices. I'm sure Apple has struck a very good deal for Macmillan but how about for the end user? iPad certainly looks like a nice tool. I'll wait until the actual reviews come out before I drop my five hundred bucks, though.

    And by the way, my book, THE WHITE TAR BABY, is doing very will on Kindle and 35% of every copy sold comes to me. What paper bound publisher offers you a deal like that? The Kindle is about writers, it's not about publishers.

    Patrick King


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