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    Yeah, doesn't work for me. At all. But I'm glad you enjoy them and I thank you for saying why. I will consider your words.

    I'm restraining myself from chiming in on the James Patterson thread because that really has me spitting lead. Besides, I want to work up a good head of steam before I unload.


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      I think they are plausible; you seem not to.

      I like that the characters all, except for perhaps, the DA/Lawyer,
      Wolfe, are all working class. Even Wolfe seems to have working class

      Within this working class ethos, I like the fact that the working
      class, the abused, can rise above their abuse to create something
      decent for themselves.

      I like the idea that people of disparate backgrounds can come together
      and create a meaningful community, if for no one else but themselves.

      I like the books for their unsentimental exploration of the effects of abuse.

      As someone who also likes Parker´s Spenser, I like Vachss creating of
      an opposite, an antithesis, of Spenser. Spenser shows me how to reach
      for more than what I am. Vachss/Burke shows me that whatever my
      belief, it should point me toward others.

      And yes, I like the idea that buying a book contributes to more than
      just an individual author.

      You asked me what I liked, and those are the things I like.

      On 1/27/10, James Michael Rogers <> wrote:
    > Vachss takes a courageous stand against pedophiles. How unusual. Every
    > courthouse in America has unsung attorneys doing the same thing. If they had
    > an eyepatch and a faux macho attitude they might be pretty cool. Double cool
    > if they get on Larry King to brag about it.
    > What did you like about the books? The car with the seat that triggers to
    > crush people? Gee, I don't see why Philip Marlowe didn't have one of those.
    > James Bond could have used one too, but the MI6 budget isn't what it used to
    > be.
    > James
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    > I think people should note why Vachss writes: It enables him to act as
    > a lawyer who represents children exclusively. And for my money, I do
    > not see how one can call Vachss a knockoff of anyone.
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    > >
    > >
    > > i disagree about vachss. read the first 3 or 4 in the burke series
    > (flood,
    > > as
    > > someone mentioned already, is the first). shella, a non series, is also
    > > worthy.
    > >
    > >
    > > most of what I've read of Vachss seems cartoonish and over the top. I
    > > found Shella to be the exception. an excellent work
    > >
    > > everybody's comments about Ellroy are all on the mark
    > >
    > > John Lau
    > >
    > >
    > >
    > > Vaya con Carné
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