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    i disagree about vachss. read the first 3 or 4 in the burke series (flood, as someone mentioned already, is the first). shella, a non series, is also worthy.

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    It so happens that I did start with Black Dahlia but, yeah, Clandestine is one of the guy's best books. Just skip Vacchs. They are like Costco knock-offs of McGee or Parker.


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    † > For Ellroy, I'd start with The Black Dahlia, which which shows the author's obsessions and sweep while just hinting at the strange personal style his work would¬ evolve toward.¬† Some of the Ellory¬ enthusiasts here will doubtless suggest reading an earlier book.¬ ¬
    † > For Vachss, maybe Flood.¬† I confess I never got too much out of that author's work.
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    † I am a fan of the collection _Hollywood Nocturnes_:, which contains the great novella _Dick Contino's Blues_. I would also recommend _Clandestine_ as a good starter.

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