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From: Patrick King (
Date: 24 Jan 2010

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    Do you have to dwell on the fact that Anne Perry murdered as a young child.Judge her books on her writing.

    Robin Richmond  and Paula Taylor


    It's not a point of dwelling, it's a point of interest. Not everybody does that and becomes a writer. Lots of "nice" people like James M. Cain and Jim Thompson, Ruth Rendell, and Patricia Highsmith write very good stories about murderers and how these writers suspect such people think. People who actually perform these types of crimes seldom, for own reason or another, have the ability to express themselves unaided much less prove to be sustained talents at the art of novel writing. It would be disingenuous to pretend we didn't know who Anne Perry is, or treat her like any other crime writer. What she brings to the table has a lot more insight than those writers just guessing how a criminal thinks or how one gets into that type of situation. I have great respect for Ms. Perry as an author, but any writer brings their life experience to their work and it's the experience that makes their work live... or not.

    Patrick King


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