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Date: 23 Jan 2010

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    Killer On The Road was so persuasive that I felt as though I needed to take a shower for days after I read it.

    Has anyone here ever read an Anne Perry? I've never been able to bring myself to read one, but I confess to a certain curiosity as to how a real, live murderess writes about murder.


    I've read several of Perry's Monk stories and absolutely loved A SUDDEN FEARFUL DEATH. I find the others a little too cozy for me. Monk's amnesia is a bit precious, and Esther's unswerving integrity tends to pall. But Perry's historical accuracy is notable. The atmosphere of all her novels is on par with Doyle's, and the crimes she writes about are often chilling.

    There's an interesting interview with her on YouTube in which she speaks very candidly about the murder she committed. I don't see too much of the murderess in her books, which are detective stories. Certainly nothing like you see in early Ellroy. Ann Perry is a very skillful author with an unusual gift for capturing an era that is not her own.

    Patrick King


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