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Date: 22 Jan 2010

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    Gibbon? Just somone I slum with when I'm not reading Hugh B. Cave stories.

    By the way, and I'm sure most everyone knows this site but I will flag it again just in case, this is where you find everyone from every mag....Cave, Horace McCoy. Robert Leslie Bellem, Paul Ernst......almost everyone.

    Warning! To open the link is to disappear for hours. You can search by author or by pulp magazine.


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      is this gibbon guy hb, noir or both?

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    > When I say "good style", which I usually don't, I am referring to an author who is very economical, very evocative, and very ,very precise (almost lawyerly) in their meaning. My exhibits would be Gibbon, Johnson, Austen and Chesterton. Perhaps they are indigestible and long-winded.

      Times change, and so does language, and so does writing. It's not reasonable to say that "good style" was fixed at some point and then it's a paradigm. Everything is in flux. If you or I wrote like Gibbon today, people would laugh at us. Which is another way of saying (this was noted by Russell) that young people should pay no attention to old people, since it's young people's lives that are at stake...




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