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Date: 22 Jan 2010

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    > I agree. Blood on the Moon also reads like an autobiographical book, truly scary if you think it's mostly real stuff...
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    > I wonder has there ever before been a writer so close to his diabolical subject as Ellroy seems to be? Certainly Hammett knew the detective business and his work shows that. But Ellroy seems to know the crime business, and the creepy crime business especially, B&E, rape, and serial murder, better than most other writers. The only writer who comes close to him is Ruth Rendell. Her books, LAKE OF DARKNESS & THE BRIDESMAID seem to mirror the sociopath in frightening colors, too. I'm almost glad Ellroy has been on a conspiracy theory kick for several years. His early books feel much too close to truth for comfort. I can never resist reading them, though.

    And then there is Patricia Highsmith, truly evil stuff, told as if she knew it first-hand...



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