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From: John Williams (
Date: 22 Jan 2010

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    > Jim wrote
    > But Parker's facility with dialog, action, and pace kept me reading
    > until A CATSKILL EAGLE (I'm kind of anal about reading series in
    > order). The book was basically, how should I put this, bad. And the
    > scene in which Hawk obligingly murders someone so Spenser doesn't have
    > to really bothered me. When it came to moral choices, it seemed
    > Spenser talked a good game, but really didn't have the courage of his
    > convictions.

    Yes, A Catskill Eagle is a rare thing, a breakout book that simultaneously managed to alienate a huge percentage of the people who'd liked him the author to that point. And, Jim, I couldn't agree more that the two things that Parker brought to the private eye novel, the long-running relationship and the tame thug, are also the two things that are most irritating and, in the case of the thug buddy, morally dubious about the books.

    That said, and to agree with everyone else, the first books were good and are undeniably important in the history of the genre.


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