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Date: 21 Jan 2010

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    the one that stands out for me is 'dia de los muertos' by kent harrington. this i would highly recommend. i preferred it to 'dark ride' tho that was good too.

    i was disappointed with 'eve's men' by thornburg, tho the man can write, no doubt about it and it's not without interest. but following 'cutter and bone' it was a let down for me. perhaps every other book by him will feel the same, which would be ashame. i will still be reading more of him.

    i enjoyed the 3rd hoke moseley by willeford and will read the fourth i'm sure, but it didn't blow me away. actually maybe none of the willeford's i've read so far (not that many granted) have blown me away. he might just not be my special cup of tea, but i'm being picky about being 'blown away' as opposed to enjoying a book.

     as entertaining as it is, Dark Ride is derivative. Dia De Los Muertos however is stunning and remains one of my favorite books ever

    the unpublished Hoke Moseley, GRIMHAVEN would blow you away. per his publisher's request he rewrote it from a much happier angle and gave the refurbished work the ironic title NEW HOPE FOR THE DEAD

    John Lau


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