RARA-AVIS: Re: possibly the biggest publishing story of the year

From: Eric Chambers (nqexile@yahoo.com.au)
Date: 11 Jan 2010

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         "Joy Matkowski"
          jmatkowski1@comcast.net wrote:
                  I'll come to RA and say, "Anybody read any good books lately?"


    davezeltserman wrote:

    > But in an ebook only world, how are you going to distinguish
    what's worth reading and what isn't, especially with 100s of thousands of titles buried in these future ebook stores??


    Exactly. Or to labor the point, just because reading is going digital doesn't mean the blogosphere is going away any time soon. Everything in communcation is changing. At the same time.

    But hey, the invention of a new tool doesn't mean we stop using the old ones. We still use pens and handwrite on papers. ( well some of us) and computers still use the format of typewriter keyboards. I don't think paper books are going away, the industry is just changing. Some things will continue to be printed, others won't.The great 19th authors, (Dickens, Wilke Collins, Dumas, Edgar Allen Poe etc.) wrote serials for the new medium of magazines because that's where the money (and the audience) was. Writers adapted to movies, radio,TV, HBO, ?Audio books ( for the car)  Podcasts, and it goes on.

    The question, it seems to me, 'is what will the readers do?'

    Last point, for some of us, reading is not just a cerebral pleasure, its a physical one. Some of us like the feel of a book in our hands and even the smell of a new book. And we might listen to a podcast or an audio book on the way to work as well. Its all good. 


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