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Date: 06 Jan 2010

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    > well, to be fair - the 2 "Burgler" books you cite are not Scudder books... EVERYBODY DIES is, I believe, but I'm pretty sure it was one of the later books where he wasn't actively drinking (though even the later books, with the constant AA meetings, and the tithing, are still effective)
    > I've read Algren and I stand by my statement - Scudder captures the quiet melancholy, unstated depression, and aimless lonlieness as well as anything relating to alcoholism that I've ever read - ever been to an AA meeting? - there is some kind of sorry wisdom in alcoholics that Block captures - I always wondered (not that it's any of my damn business) if Block had alcoholism issues in real life and knew whereof he wrote

    He did, and that is why he introduced the alcoholic alter ego.



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