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Date: 19 Dec 2009

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    anthony and joy,

    are you talking about finding out about 'meat' (as opposed to 'e') books online and buyin them online or are talking about e-books?

    i certainly agree that the internet has been awesome for communciation, for finding out about books i never knew about or more about ones i hear of, and for finding copies of them for sale.

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    I agree entirely. I haven't ever been in a bookstore where I've been hand-sold anything I might want. I can recall being recommended whatever best-seller is on display, "literary fiction,"  and, because I'm female, a new line of romances. Joy

    Anthony Dauer wrote:
    > I have discovered way more authors online than I have ever discovered
    > in a bookstore. There's no search engine in a bookstore. Unless I get
    > lucky and the book is either on table with an eye catching cover, the
    > likelihood of finding something on the shelves that I'm looking for is
    > difficult enough. Through and its multi-national,
    > English-based online stores I have read authors that are not yet
    > available in the US. New authors can also get themselves on the
    > shelves at a lot easier than they can get onto the limited
    > brink-and-mortar selves that are even more sensitive to what books
    > they stock as the competition grows. One of the Borders here in DC
    > actually down-sized its spaces not long ago.


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