RARA-AVIS: Re: possibly the biggest publishing story of the year

From: davezeltserman (Dave.Zeltserman@gmail.com)
Date: 19 Dec 2009

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    Al, I'm confused. Wicked was published in '95. How did this book help Maguire?? Didn't this Next Queen book just come out??


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    > I'm Stona Fitch's agent, Dave, so probably not the best person to ask.
    > Having said that, you did ask, and I think he's outstanding. I was a huge
    > fan of SENSELESS long before he joined the agency. One of the most
    > disturbing and prophetic books I've ever read.
    > Re dedicating the proceeds of your books to charity... you can see it that
    > way if you like. But with the Concord Free Press, the authors retain their
    > rights, and they create a lot of buzz for their books. I see it more as the
    > equivalent of having gorgeous advanced reading copies for books that don't
    > have a deal yet. The Gregory Maguire book is now being published by
    > HarperCollins, incidentally. Maguire is now richer as a result of the
    > Concord Free Press edition (there was no deal in place for Wicked prior to
    > that). This is also true of Fitch's novel Give + Take, which was picked up
    > by Thomas Dunne/St Martin's Press, Two Ravens Press in the UK (and a Greek
    > publisher, and a Taiwanese publisher, and no doubt many more) and will be
    > out in hardcover in April next year.
    > Al
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    > > Interesting, Al, kind of like celebrities who donate their time for some
    > > big TV charitable event. Here's a promise, Al--when I've made a 10th of
    > > the money that Gregory Maguire has made (author of Wicked and one of
    > > Concord Free Press authors) I'll also dedicate the proceeds of one of my
    > > books to charity (if it's still possible to make money with books at that
    > > point).
    > >
    > > Btw. What's your take on Stona Fitch, the author running this? Are his
    > > books worth checking out?
    > >
    > > --Dave

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