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From: Anthony Dauer (
Date: 19 Dec 2009

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    I have discovered way more authors online than I have ever discovered in a bookstore. There's no search engine in a bookstore. Unless I get lucky and the book is either on table with an eye catching cover, the likelihood of finding something on the shelves that I'm looking for is difficult enough. Through and its multi-national, English-based online stores I have read authors that are not yet available in the US. New authors can also get themselves on the shelves at a lot easier than they can get onto the limited brink-and-mortar selves that are even more sensitive to what books they stock as the competition grows. One of the Borders here in DC actually down-sized its spaces not long ago.

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    > Now, I'm not looking to change anyone's minds on e-readers... I've heard
    > enough people talking about wonderful they believe e-readers are, and hey,
    > more power to you!  But my concern is around the future of traditional publishing
    > and traditional, brick-and-mortar stores -- where a lot of great new authors are discovered.

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