RARA-AVIS: Re: possibly the biggest publishing story of the year

From: davezeltserman (Dave.Zeltserman@gmail.com)
Date: 19 Dec 2009

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    > i did also think about the difficulty making money writing versus the person (mythical?) who will write whether they make money or not. perhaps the latter write poetry and not hb/noir, or at least not hb/noir without even the possiblilty or making any money. obviously most people writing dont make a living solely from it and never did. but with the chances going down, who will stop writing? everyone? only those in it for money (which i'm not putting down!)? will less people write overall or more people? if more, will they be of lesser quality (the writing that is)?

    Sonny, if the situation existed over the last 60 years where it was virtually impossible for new authors to ever make money writing novels, probably very few of the books that we like to discuss here would've ever been written.

    If this situation existed existed in the future I would expect almost every professional author, which would be authors who are currently being published and expect to make money with their writing, would move onto other areas where there would be a chance of making an income--such as movies, tv, video games, etc. Probably 100s of thousands of people would still be writing books, but not the professionals. I'm sure some good books would come out of all this, but they would be buried under 100s of thousands of not so good books.


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