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Date: 17 Dec 2009

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    i would've paid for dylan's show if it was priced differently. but to get his one hour a week show for however many weeks a year, you had to buy the special receivers and pay the same subscription rate as everyone, for all the channels of various music, talk, sport etc offered 24/7, 365.

    so what did i end up doing? downloading them free and illegally online.

    dylan's shows were not being offered on cd or pay per show d/l.  i don't d/l music illegally if it's available for purchase.

    as for books, there are still libraries and used books for sale. if i could afford to buy new books like i used to, i would. of course if the book is out of print, i'd look in the library and for used copies.

    i dont have any e book reader, other than a computer of course. i hate reading long things online.  but if they're only available in digital format or in some cases free digitally, that makes a difference. but i prefer books in 'hard copy' form. greatly.

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    Well, Covey will get all the money his books generate in this scenario. He doesn't take royalties as he would with a conventional publisher. The question is, do all Covey's readers have an e-reader, or will they go out and get one now that Covey is exclusively publishing in this format?

    I wanted to listen to Bob Dylan's XM radio program, but not enough to buy an XM radio. I'll wait until the programs are released on CD. A few have been.

    Patrick King

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          http://www.thetechh article.php/ 200951/4953/ Amazon-secures- Kindle-exclusivi ty-with-bestsell ing-author- Stephen-R- Covey

    The ramifications for this are enormous. A mega-bestselling writer signing an exclusive deal with amazon/kindle. It's sure looking like the publishers of the future aren't going to be Random House, Knopf, Simon & Shuster, Little Brown, etc., but amazon/kindle,, Walmart, Target, etc.







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