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Date: 17 Dec 2009

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    That's a pretty common publishing market strategy, though. Give away the backlist to get readers interested in the more recent books. With print versions, Waterstone's used to have many 99p promotions, not so much now, I don't think. Ok, so the books weren't completely free, but the principle is the same. And with e-books, there aren't the same costs to cover, so there's no need to charge the nominal sum. Always thought it was a huge factor in how Jeffrey Deaver became a big name in the UK. I remember it well -- those 99p editions of Maidens Grave that Hodder published got hundreds of new readers for Deaver in our bookstore alone. Certainly didn't do him or Hodder any harm.


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     (btw. Charlie Huston is now giving away free his Hank Thompson trilogy as ebooks)

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