Re: RARA-AVIS: You Can't Judge a Daughter By Looking at the Mother...

From: Don Lee (
Date: 03 Dec 2009

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    Yeah, I heard A. C. Doyle was the real deal. His hero is a coke addict, right? And is assisted by an ex-combat vet from Afghanistan? What a concept! :-)

    On 12/3/09, Kevin Burton Smith <> wrote:
    > Eric wrote:
    >> Maybe they (Harlequin) were marketing to people who buy books because of
    >> the covers. Don't laugh. They are out there. Sad but true.
    > Sheesh. You'll hurt Charles' feelings. And expose all of HardCase Crime's
    > carefully guarded business secrets.
    > But I'll bet there's more than one person on this list who's bought a book
    > simply because of the cover. I know I have.
    > Still, the truth is, a lot of those great pulp cover artists did great
    > covers for lousy books and stories. Anyone who thinks the pulps and the
    > subsequent pulp fiction paperbacks were pure literary gold has never tried
    > to read anything beyond the A list -- even in their absolute prime, BLACK
    > MASK, DIME DETECTIVE, Gold Medal et al all published a lot of turkeys --
    > horrid, inept filler that not even the charms of nostalgia can save. The
    > racist, misogynist, homophobic crap and general ignorance were the least of
    > their problems. The only saving grace of a lot of these books and stories
    > was their covers.
    > That HardCaseCrime has managed such a high score of great covers AND great
    > reads is a testament to their vision and editorial true grit. Like, this new
    > guy they're touting, A.C. Doyle guy, is going places.
    > Mark my words.

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