RARA-AVIS: “The Smiling Man” now viewable online for free at new website

From: astrobeej (astrobeej@strafe.com)
Date: 30 Nov 2009

(San Francisco, CA) – Kelp Entertainment is proud to make their locally produced noir detective short "The Smiling Man" available for free viewing on a newly re-designed website.

Set in San Francisco, 1948, "The Smiling Man" tells the story of down-on-his-luck private detective Nick Chambers (Chris Hudak) as he tracks down a missing man with only a single lead to work from - a photograph of his grinning quarry. Without even a name to go on, Nick begins a citywide hunt for this mysterious missing person, but finds more questions than answers. Based on the short story written by Keoni Chavez, originally published in the anthology "Fog City Nocturne", and directed by B.J. West, The Smiling Man pays loving homage to the classic detective films of the forties, while adding a decidedly post-modern slant.

Since the 35 minute film was released in 2007, it has only been available by purchasing a DVD. Now, all the content found on the disc is viewable online, wrapped in an interface that closely duplicates the functionality of the disc.

Through use of a "color mode" setting, the website interface, the movie and many of the special features are available in both "vintage" (distressed black and white) and "modern" (full color) versions.

"The Smiling Man" can now be found at its new home at the Kelp Entertainment website.


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