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Date: 28 Nov 2009

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    The bizarre part is they appear to have reprinted a few Hadley Chase novels. Chase isn't just objectionable now, he was objectionable then. And infamous. I venture to say they could have gotten guidance on this point from any Rara-Avian. But even Chase doesn't deserve to be bowdlerized and we certainly deserve better.


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      When Bill Crider posted this nonsense from Harlequin I thought it was some type of joke. But I went to the website and saw it's no joke at all, in fact these people are deadly serious. I managed to restrain myself and left a comment complaining about such censorship. It might be interesting to see if they will censor our negative comments or even delete them from the site.
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      Here's what the Harlequin blog has to say about the "editing" of their crime

      "Remember, our intention was to publish the stories in their original form.
      But once we immersed ourselves in the text, our eyes grew wide. Our jaws
      dropped. Social behavior—such as hitting a woman—that would be considered
      totally unacceptable now was quite common sixty years ago. Scenes of near
      rape would not sit well with a contemporary audience, we were quite
      convinced. We therefore decided to make small adjustments to the text, only
      in cases where we felt scenes or phrases would be offensive to a 2009
      readership. Also, grammar and spelling standards have changed quite a bit in
      sixty years. But that did entail a text edit, which we had not anticipated."

      You can read the rest here: *

      Bill Crider

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