Re: RARA-AVIS: 65.000 words

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Date: 23 Nov 2009

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    > thank you, Charles. I'll just write the best book that I can and then see what the word count turns out to be. if I'm short at that time, should I consider padding or take my chances? will a shorter manuscript preclude me from even getting read?

    Not from getting read... As to padding, don't do it. Look what it did to excellent writers like Robert Parker and James Lee Burke. When I read these guys I skip a lot, so... why did they bother padding it? Don't tell me it's for the reader. There is some absurd conditioning at work, some false piece of "consumer research" involved. Isn't it time to apply the boot to that entire class of parasitical "consumer researchers"? If the result is that everybody has to do the same as everybody else, then screw these guys... they're stupid. The point of a book is that it NOT be like all others, otherwise why read it...

    End of rant, microphone over to Kevin!



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