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Date: 18 Nov 2009

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    Haven't read Ed's review of SLAMMER, but I have read the book and it is a hell of a read. Not for the weak of heart, but you already knew that.

    Jon Bassoff New Pulp Press

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    > Has anyone mentioned Patricia Melo? I only recently discovered her and while
    > the two books of hers that I've read aren't noir by Jim's definition, not
    > having a sinister atmosphere, they're utterly dripping with it by mine. The
    > two I've read are THE KILLER and LOST WORLD, set in a Brazil that's
    > amazingly corrupt at every turn, and narrated by the most realistically
    > drawn contract killer I can think of. The books are superbly
    > non-judgemental. Stylistically, she's got that John McFetridge thing going
    > on, where dialogue and narrative blend together. Outstanding stuff.
    > Another great recent read is DECOMPOSITION by J. Eric Miller. This comes
    > from one of those recently maligned POD presses, and was recommended to me
    > by my French editor, who bought it for French translation. It's only 100
    > pages long. And there are quite a number of typos, which no doubt would
    > annoy some people to the point of not being able to read it. But the
    > narrative voice is terrific. The story's a simple one about a girl on a long
    > drive to see her ex-boyfriend with the corpse of her current boyfriend in
    > the trunk of her car.
    > Hope you folks will indulge me a brief moment of BSP. Today's the US release
    > date of my new novel, SLAMMER. For anyone who might want to hear some more
    > about it, here's a link to a review by Ed Gorman, posted at Bookgasm today.
    > Al
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    > >I said a while back that the importance of Rara-Avis might have diminished
    > >a
    > > little bit in the last few years. It of course may have something to do
    > > with
    > > blogs and other forums in which you can discuss new and vintage hardboiled
    > > and noir writing, but I'd really like to say that arguing over and over
    > > again what noir is and what isn't may have contributed to the feeling of
    > > the
    > > lesser importance. Get on with your lives, goddammit! (Insert smiley
    > > here.)
    > >
    > > Juri
    > >
    > > PS. I was pleased to note some discussion over a new hardboiled book, THE
    > > LITTLE SLEEP. More of that, please! And discussion of older books as well.

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