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From: Patrick King (
Date: 16 Nov 2009

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    mrt wrote:

    "But even if you assumed that industrial civilization would continue along present lines (an impossibility, as we know from physics), do you think poor people, who are the overwhelming majority of the world, will be buying Kindles and paying to download books from Amazon?"

    Small but important point: with the Kindle, you're not purchasing content. You're purchasing a license to read it. A friend of mine downloaded a book,and for some reason (copyright infringement or something along those lines)it was "recalled" and her account credited, apologies made, and it just flat vanished from her Kindle. As if she'd never bought it.

    Now I ask you, how "1984" is that?


    I was paid $700 in cash for a job I did and I deposited it in the bank. Two of the bills, my bank determined, were counterfeit and were confiscated. Not only did I not get my $200 back but I was taken down to the police station where I had to give a statement and explain where I got the money. To date I have not been able to recover the money from my client who apparently is in pretty hot water, himself.

    Now I ask you, how "1984" is that?

    Patrick King


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