RARA-AVIS: "all those crappy books"

From: Frederick Zackel (fzackel@wcnet.org)
Date: 15 Nov 2009

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    "And Kevin, if you don't know what to do with all those crappy books that people have sent you over the years, I have one suggestion: throw them out."

    No! Please don't. Donate your books to your local library, your local veterans hospital, your local nursing home, your local homeless shelter. Yes, you can determine their condition, and recycle accordingly. But wherever possible, donate books.

    I forgot the name of the magazine that ran this contest, but the question was, What was the most important YEAR in human history? The readers said the year Gutenberg's press mass-produced the first book.

    From the New York Times: "A Jewish scholar from 16th-century Prague, David Gans, that may be unique in the world's religions" wrote "Blessed be He... Who has magnified His grace with a great invention, one that is useful for all inhabitants of the world, there is none beside it, and nothing can equal it among all wisdoms and inventions since God created man on the earth: The Printing Press."

    A book is how we share the wealth.

    Fred Zackel

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