RARA-AVIS: Re: state of NY publishing

From: Ron Clinton (clinton65@comcast.net)
Date: 14 Nov 2009

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    Dave Z wrote:

    "I think it has been able to help some of the early adapters, like it did with David Wellington in giving his books away on his blog, and Scott Siglar
    (sp??) and Seth Harwood (who both also made huge investments in time in promoting themselves, which is all part of the equation), but once it becomes more the norm and more authors are doing it then it has little impact. If there are a sea of free books, audio or pdf, few if any of the authors contributing to this sea will be helped."

    Kevin S. wrote:

    "But the so-called "midlist" is growing so much wider, thanks to technology, that it's sinking lower, a victim of its own weight."

    Excellent points by both.

    (I had a longer response, but realized after writing it that I was just belaboring the points that both gentlemen made better and more succinctly than me.)

    Ron C.

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