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Date: 11 Nov 2009

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    Well, He's just scored another sale. I've ordered a copy of Eight-Ball Boogie on the strength of the reviews on the side of the blog. Hope you get your cut, Dave.

    Sean Shapiro

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    and talking about Declan Burke:

    http://crimealwaysp ays.blogspot. com/2009/ 11/woe-is- me-etc-failing- writer-writes. html

    The publishing world has probably never been more brutal for new writers. I know writers who've gotten one-book deals from NY, then no promotion, no support, hence predictably lousy sales numbers, and they're dropped, and now because of their bad numbers they're up against it in finding a new publisher. I have to think if some of the heavyweights of today--Connelly, Lehane, Pelecanos--were starting off in this current climate instead of 10+ years ago, they would've been spat out also by the industry after one or two books.

    I wish Declan the best for his future, and I understand fully where he's coming from.


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    > Oops, I didn't notice Declan Burke's HIGH BALL BOOGIE in the list I sent to
    > the group.
    > It would be interesting to see what books would make the list now, with Dave
    > Z.'s run of excellent books (just started PARIAH last night and loving it),
    > with Megan Abbott stepping on the scene, with Sean Chercover's two novels,
    > and so on. (It seems that we are actually getting too many good-to-excellent
    > noir novels, since it's no more easy to make the same buzz that surrounded,
    > say, THE WHEELMAN or the advent of Hard Case Crime.)
    > Juri


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