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Date: 09 Nov 2009

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    Thanks I was in a joyfull mood more than anythng else...I have found great reviews myself in the WSJ or in Paris Match...which are not exactly my standard reading material... I look forward to input from Rara-Avians on these stories...


    On 11/9/09 8:37 PM, "K. Elisabeth Johnson" <> wrote:

    >> > It feels actually like a funny and intersting review and I saved it for Iım
    >> > very interested by some of the stories...and will welcome any further
    >> > comments about any story mentioned by any Rara-Avians...since I have not
    >> > read any of those...
    > I have not read any of these stories, either, and, like you, am hoping for
    > some input on them from fellow readers.
    > The Weekly Standard often has interesting and useful book reviews and unless
    > the subject of a book is a political one I think most of us would not find
    > they have an ideological slant to them. I think we can read reviews from TWS
    > or The Nation, whatever, and make up our own minds, n'est-ce pas?
    > For example, the Weekly Standard had several interesting articles on the
    > bicentennial of Edgar Allan Poe, who made the cover of the 19 September 2009
    > issue (Vol. 015, Issue 02), including a good one by Shawn Macomber on which
    > American city Poe can really claim Poe as its own:
    > Home at Last: which metropolis may claim the peripatetic Poe?
    > Kari

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