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From: Patrick King (
Date: 08 Nov 2009

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    I realize that the vetting process helps winnow down available books from millions to thousands. I also know that many self-published books are simply dreadful. Still, why not let authors get their work out there, do their own marketing (which they do anyway) and let readers make the call?


    Writing, like every art, requires practice as well as talent. Of course there are first time writers who write wonderful works, but they're the exceptions that prove the rule. Many of them have a great deal of difficulty following their first success. I recently read a collection of Raymond Chandler's early short stories. I've heard some folks here wax poetic about that early work. To me, I could see none of the talent Chandler brought to THE BIG SLEEP in any of those early stories. But having them published gave him encouragement to go on to become the seminal talent he's considered now.

    Patrick King


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