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Date: 06 Nov 2009

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    But of course that entire library would be saved somewhere else than in the device itself...just like now, as I speak...write...all my computer data is being saved (every hour) in the Time Machine connected to the Time Capsule linked wirelessly to my Mac ... and the other two Macs in this could have 3 writers saving all their stuff in that space technology...

    ...there is a certain level where it is all very funny...silly almost...montypythonish...


    On 11/5/09 9:42 PM, "Joy Matkowski" <> wrote:

    > Why would any sane person want their entire library in an expensive
    > device so easily destroyed by a cat or a Roomba?
    > It would be useful if I had to carry the manuscripts I'm working on
    > between home and office, but I don't.
    > Joy, with bookshelf-filled rooms
    > K. Elisabeth Johnson wrote:
    >> > Yes, I think e-readers' convenience and light weight would make them ideal
    >> for travel but in that capacity they are still complementary, supplementary
    >> to books. The idea raised by several respondents here that the e-reader could
    >> replace most books entirely is disturbing for both reader and author.
    >> >
    >> > Do you think these 40-70 -something women would want to switch entirely to
    >> an e-reader?
    >> >
    >> > Kari
    >> >
    >> >
    >> >

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