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From: Patrick King (
Date: 06 Nov 2009

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    Why would any sane person want their entire library in an expensive device so easily destroyed by a cat or a Roomba?

    It would be useful if I had to carry the manuscripts I'm working on between home and office, but I don't.

    Joy, with bookshelf-filled rooms


    First, your electronic library exists in cyberspace. Kindles, anyway, are very resilient pieces of equipment. But if you do manage to break it, or more likely, have it stolen, your library is not "on" the specific device. You simply acquire another device and link it to your cyberspace library (takes under a minute to accomplish)and go on reading.

    The more salient question is, what sane person wants to fill up their entire living space with books they're going to read five times in their lives and never look at again? What's the thing about possessing all this stuff and keeping it all around you? I've been divesting myself of 40 years of book collecting for the last 3 years. I'm down to 2 bookshelves full of things I really do refer to. Some of these I've already replaced with e-editions.

    Patrick King


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