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Date: 05 Nov 2009

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    I have often business meetings in coffee shops in Ann Arbor, and those reading devices are coming out of those backpacks in ever increasing numbers, kids exchange them, ask ³do you have the chemistry 101 course book on it²...²yes² ...²send it to me²...itıs happening, everyday...I also learned that there are people in the U who make a buck digitizing what is not digitized for specific course...I know that entire French novels are available, entire law books, medical books...

    Well...somebody is on the fun, rightly so...and probably making a few small bucks at it...

    I donıt know what else to say...we have had these discussions on Rara before. I do understand the anguish and even the anger of writers and publishers, but I cannot stand that we would have, as lovers of literature, our heads in the sand. Free accessibility to most print material is around the corner. Is it good, is it bad...does it spell doom for society and/or mankind, I do not know...?

    I love books, I love to touch them, read them, smell them...look at them...around me...
    ...but they will go away...
    ...just like film cameras...
    ...just like audio cassettes...
    ...just like combustion engines...

    ...all will be replaced...or are replaced already...


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    > Yes, all of those. Very heavy book buyers predominantly. And of course a
    > huge percentage of people in the publishing industry cause it beats printing
    > out stacks of paper and carting manuscripts around with you everywhere.
    > Of course, being male, I have two.
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    >> > Anybody know a woman who has one, wants one, likes using it? Even a young
    >> > woman or teenager?

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