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Date: 05 Nov 2009

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    Here is another difference between the current e-music world, which, yes - will probably eventually replace cds (and maybe record companies) altogether, and the coming e-book world:

    Kids today really don't listen to what we old guys remember as "albums" - they buy individual songs, things approximately 3 minutes long. And what do they cost? - a buck? (I don't know - I don't have an ipod or similar device)

    There is no corresponding comparison in books. Will people buy one chapter of the new Stephen King ebook on Amazon? No- they'll have to buy a whole book, which will take many, many hours to consume, not 3 minutes. And they'll have to pay far more than a buck.

    So, it's still a commitment and a "real" investment. It's not quick and disposable, or, at least AS quick and disposable.

    So does this mean there will still be a place for real books made with paper and glue? - Eventually probably not. But I don't think the transformation will be as quick as it has been and will be for music.

    >No e-reader, whether it be the Nook or Kindle, will corner the book market like the iPod did for music.

    Reason? Simple...

    The iPod allowed me to take my current collection of cds/lps/music and store them on the iPod at no additional cost except the time to "rip" the cds to the computer.

    eBook readers do NOT allow me to take my 2000+ book collection and store them on my eBook reader. I have to *purchase* every book I want to store on my eBook reader.

    Will I repurchase all 2000 books again just to store them on a Nook? No way. That's crazy.

    And there's the difference. Unless someone offers electronic versions of each of your current "real" novels, for nothing, then there's no way any eBook reader will capture the market like the iPod.

    Today's teenagers may begin to build their collections electronically, but anyone with a current collection is not about to change horses mid-stream.



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