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Date: 05 Nov 2009

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    eventually there will be a book like delivery device. or glossy magazine like thing that you hold, turn etc like a mag/book, but is 'smart' e-wise. and that will satisfy more of us for reading.

    vinyl has made a comeback, but certainly it is a niche market, cult type love affair. paper books will prolly go that way.

    i don't have an e-reader. but i dont have an ipod type player either. i do have cds and dvds tho. hell i had a betamax video player. that was worse than 8 track tapes for time served.

    nothing like reading a book/mag for me. but inability to get the content any other way would obviously be a big deal. not that i can afford anything these days. so what libraries do is huge for me. they still got books, so i still read books.

    speaking of those old things, i finished 'the name of the game is death', the 2nd hoke moseley, the 3rd joe pitt and dave z's 'pariah'. all very good and worthy.

    i am now without access to my library for a while, but found the 'great detectives' compilation (david willis mccullough, ed.) where i'm staying. am reading zangwill's 'the big bow mystery' now.

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    Totally agree...I¹ll take time but suddenly, somebody will come up with the Ipod for books and more books...I will happen...imagine all these 10 to 18 y.o. not to have to drag the enormous bag to school with Œall¹emm books init¹, I know that my 16yo would switch in a second...if it was available......Those books will be replaced, just like the walkman...All it needs now is a catchy name, a nice Œcool¹ design and big enough a library that the kids can pilfer at will, just like the exchange of music across all platforms...

    Books will remain as a side attraction for the erudite and the priviledged...


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    >> > I didn't want to give up my records and move to cds, but I had no choice as
    >> records disappeared almost overnight.
    >> >
    >> > There is a tipping point where if enough book buyers switch to e-book
    >> readers, book stores, where many are struggling now, will go out of business,
    >> as will many publishers, and those of us who don't want e-book readers will
    >> have no choice. I have no idea what that tipping point is. 10%? 20%? The
    >> ironic thing about this is in an e-book only world, the mega-bestsellers like
    >> Stephen King and Stephanie Myer, will most certainly bypass publishers and
    >> put their books on the e-books themselves, since what would publishers have
    >> to offer if distribution and printing are no longer issues?. So this push by
    >> publishers is a push to put themselves out of business.
    >> >
    > Just like record companies put themselves out of business the minute the music
    > was in digital form, i.e. "files"... It took a long time for it to happen, but
    > the potential was there and the result, certain.
    > Best,
    > mrt

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