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Date: 05 Nov 2009

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    > I didn't want to give up my records and move to cds, but I had no choice as records disappeared almost overnight.
    > There is a tipping point where if enough book buyers switch to e-book readers, book stores, where many are struggling now, will go out of business, as will many publishers, and those of us who don't want e-book readers will have no choice. I have no idea what that tipping point is. 10%? 20%? The ironic thing about this is in an e-book only world, the mega-bestsellers like Stephen King and Stephanie Myer, will most certainly bypass publishers and put their books on the e-books themselves, since what would publishers have to offer if distribution and printing are no longer issues?. So this push by publishers is a push to put themselves out of business.

    Just like record companies put themselves out of business the minute the music was in digital form, i.e. "files"... It took a long time for it to happen, but the potential was there and the result, certain.



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