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Date: 05 Nov 2009

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    I didn't want to give up my records and move to cds, but I had no choice as records disappeared almost overnight.

    There is a tipping point where if enough book buyers switch to e-book readers, book stores, where many are struggling now, will go out of business, as will many publishers, and those of us who don't want e-book readers will have no choice. I have no idea what that tipping point is. 10%? 20%? The ironic thing about this is in an e-book only world, the mega-bestsellers like Stephen King and Stephanie Myer, will most certainly bypass publishers and put their books on the e-books themselves, since what would publishers have to offer if distribution and printing are no longer issues?. So this push by publishers is a push to put themselves out of business.


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    > " He swears by it. Buys ten books at a time."
    > Wrong,
    > He buys a license for 10 books.
    > There have already been more than a handful of DRM companies/services that
    > have gone belly up and any media attached to these became useless.
    > I'm not familiar with the licensing details but I believe Amazon will only
    > allow a limited number of downloads and, once reached, whatever book in
    > question has to be re-purchased.
    > I'm a little amazed that people who who buy into DRM'd media apparently do
    > not consider the full implications.
    > But aside from the DRM crap I don't understand the motivation of why would
    > someone pay nearly $300 for a device and then pay even more to use it. I'm
    > not surprised that media companies are extremely interested in moving from
    > selling products to merely licensing them.
    > I'll never buy one. I'd rather own my books, cds,& dvds outright rather than
    > pay a fee for ephemeral bits and merely 'think' I own it.
    > I probably swimming upstream on this. I work in higher-ed and I believe in a
    > few years time many textbooks will be delivered digitally and likely at
    > cheaper prices.
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