RARA-AVIS: Re: Jim Thompson

From: Dick Lochte (dlochte@gmail.com)
Date: 04 Nov 2009

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    Dave wrote:

    Personally I liked the book The Grifters quite a bit. The movie is equally excellent, but seems like a straight adaptation from the book with no significant changes. I think the dialog was taken almost intact from the book.

    ----------------------- It's been a while since I read the book and I don't have a copy to check, but I think the mother has one vicious (spoiler of a line -- the last in the novel, that isn't in the movie. I once asked Don Westlake why he didn't use it and he said he didn't remember seeing it in the book. So maybe I imagined it, which means I'm more perverse than I thought. If anybody has a copy . .

    Dick Lochte

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