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From: davezeltserman (Dave.Zeltserman@gmail.com)
Date: 04 Nov 2009

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    > Electronic publishing is the greatest boon to new writers since pulp magazines. Nothing could be easier than publishing your own work electronically. Any length is acceptable. You may charge any price you want, even give the work away for free if you choose, and many do.

    Patrick, you're proving my point. As 100s of thousands of self-published writers eventually take advantage of this, it will nearly impossible for anyone other than the most recognizable names to be found in these stores. While it will be a boon for any writer to self-publish, will be a disaster for new writers who are actually trying to find new readers.

    Kent, Lee Goldberg's adventures in this do not sound very profitable, and neither are JA Konrath when you compare this to average industry advances, but also are not very representative for what this will be like as more and more books are flooded onto these stores, and when you look at the fact that these two writers already have platforms. If you extrapolate their kindle adventures to what newer writers are going to be facing it's bleak.

    Mr T. you beat me to the response--I hadn't seen yours yet as I was busily typing away mine. Somewhere, Bill Denton must've felt a disturbance in the force, though.


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