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Date: 02 Nov 2009

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    A Œvoice¹ he is not: grandiloquent, bombastic, all SFX, all ego, ready to lay it out for any media hype, ready to embellish, twist and paint over...his few live apparitions in the DTW/Ann Arbor area have all been of the same nature in that respect...and the few I saw in LA or Chicago were exactly the same... Interviews have been circulating for years at the same level... A Œwriter¹ and a great one: he positively is...

    Some cognocenti (foreign one that is) that I have talked to have murmured about a propencity for the red in the Bordeaux¹s and other distillations...I wasn¹t there...but I do like Bordeaux¹s myself...

    I always wait for the next book though...eagerly...


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    >> > Really? I didn't find it so. Ellroy's a curmudgeon but a very interesting
    >> one. I thought his political comments were unexpected from what I know of
    >> him. What did you dislike about the RS interview? I've read MY DARK PLACES
    >> twice so I do identify with this guy and am curious about where he's coming
    >> from. Have you read that book? Having that perspective may make his crazier
    >> side more approachable. According to that interview, he's spent some time
    >> recently in an asylum or at least a mental rehab facility. I felt I needed
    >> some time like that after just reading THE COLD SIX THOUSAND, but I did love
    >> it. Ellroy is one of our most powerful living voices in any genre of
    >> literature.
    >> >
    > I just found the interview incoherent and disagreeable because he does not
    > really get outside himself, it's all ego and sounds like a series of blurbs
    > for himself. He's a great writer, no question.
    > Best,
    > mrt

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